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2007 Regional Harvest Forecast

Delores and Montezuma Counties

The IPS beetle has destroyed 90% or more of the pinyon trees. Pinyon nut collection and pinyon Christmas tree harvesting are not encouraged. It will be many years before the region's pinyon forests have recovered.

Royal Gorge Field Offices

There were no commercially viable harvest areas for 2007 in this region. While there have been harvests in the past, this year there were very few cones and no major harvest areas.
New Mexico

A state-wide pinyon crop failure occurred in 2007.


There were no areas with commercially viable quantities of nuts in 2007. This is the first year in living memory in which there has not been a significant harvest from Nevada.
Utah's major commercial pinyon nut areas are located in the singleleaf pinyon belt in the Indian Peaks and Mountain Home Range. Pinyon in this area produced very few nuts in 2007. Pinyon dealers attributed the crop failure to a combination of a very dry winter and an early warm dry spring. The Utah BLM did not conduct a commercial pinyon nut auction in 2007.
The Pinus edulis (Colorado pinyon) crop showed somewhat better cone production. However, overall the crop was relatively light and very spotty.
Those interested in collecting pine nuts on BLM administered lands in Utah in 2008 should check with the Forestry Lead at the appropriate BLM Field office: http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/info/directory.2.html.
Information on the 2007 Utah crop was provided by:

Doug Page, Southwest Utah Zone Forester
Bureau of Land Management
176 East D.L. Sargent Drive
Cedar City, Utah 84720
phone: 435-865-3015
fax: 435-865-3058
email: doug_page@blm.gov

Updated November 2007